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SmarterClose gives your sales team an insider’s advantage by leveraging the buying process.

You understand the sales cycle, but how much do you know about the needs and strategies of your clients and the buyers? In the world of sales, knowledge translates into successful deals.

SmarterClose offers an insider’s perspective to help your team negotiate more effectively and close deals quickly.


The following programs are designed to support your team throughout the sales cycle:

  • SmartStart: The first step to success
  • Deal Insight: Customized negotiation training
  • SmarterClose: Active, ongoing coaching
  • ER Coaching: Emergency coaching when you need it

With 30 years of experience as buyers in the technology, bioscience, defense and software industries, we equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

Improve interactions with clients and shorten the buy cycle. Our SmartStart program brings a buyer’s perspective to assessing your business processes, agreements and marketing materials. It’s the first step toward success—from the first call to a closed deal.

Get customized negotiation training, tailored to your company’s needs and the industries you negotiate with. We focus on interpreting buy cycle signals and negotiating with the people who stand between you and a closed deal.

Active deal coaching through the SmarterClose Program helps you close each deal faster and increase profits too! Designed to follow SmartStart, it provides your team with regular, cross-functional coaching to improve your negotiating strategies, strengthen your position and build confidence.

This is our 24/7 emergency negotiations clinic. Contact us when you are at an impasse with a deal that needs to close. We assist—on the spot—to get you through to the other side: Happy, healthy and still in one piece. We’ve got your back.