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How can you effectively negotiate when you don’t really understand your buyer? While the sales cycle is generally predictable, each buyer and buyer's organization is different. Navigating them can be frustrating and time consuming. SmarterClose programs teach you what you need to know about the buyer’s world so you can operate more effectively.

We offer unique insights into the buyer’s domain and organizational dynamics. With over 30 years combined experience negotiating as buyers in the technology, biosciences, federal, and software industries, the SmarterClose team understands the strategies and tactics buyers use against unprepared sales people. These maneuvers delay the time to close the deal and are aimed at reducing your price. We prepare you to expect, understand and defend against these maneuvers with a friendly confident demeanor. Our name says it all. We help you achieve a SmarterClose!


Take the first step to success.

Through the SmartStart program, we review and assess your agreements and business processes from a buyer’s perspective, from the first call until the deal is closed. We also provide a marketing and sales collateral assessment. It is tailored to your company and the industries you serve or to individual sales people who want to improve traction with buyers. Your collateral and how you present yourself speaks volumes about how you conduct business. Experienced buyers use this information to their advantage.

The SmartStart program provides an evaluation of your:

  • Business model (pricing and licensing models)
  • Contracts (identifying changes buyers will request)
  • Marketing presence (web, collateral, audience)

Deal Insights Training

Our negotiation classes are tailored to your company’s specific needs and the industries you negotiate with. The training focuses on understanding the buy cycle and negotiating with the people who stand between you and a closed deal. We address the often-obscured tactics and power sources buyers use to help you understand their motivations and teach you how to respond. Our goal is to create confident negotiators who understand the games and the dynamics of both sides of the deal. Sales people who don’t understand their buyers are leaving money on the table. Do you understand the extensive preparation your clients do before negotiating with you? Do your customers negotiate as a team against you? Deal Insights gives you an inside look at how buyers think and provides strategies to speed up the procurement cycle. We help you to negotiate the best deal possible by understanding how to navigate the customer’s organization. We offer insights you won’t find elsewhere and we provide interactive opportunities to hone your new skills through exercises and practice with really skilled buyers.

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When you strike a deal, do you wonder what the buyers are really thinking? Do you struggle with how you can protect your position without giving away large concessions or being forced into a discounting game? Smarter Close provides active, cross-functional coaching to improve your position, build confidence and advance negotiations to close deals. With structural processes, we put you in the driver’s seat and help you reduce sales cycles and increase sales revenues.

Our work with technology, bioscience and software companies delivers rapid, tangible results. One client determined that 97% of the SmarterClose deals closed at higher revenues more quickly.

The Smarter Close team has over 30 years of combined experience negotiating as buyers in the technology, biosciences, federal, and software industries. SmarterClose implements unique structural processes and active, cross-functional coaching. This program has proven successful in reducing sales cycles, increasing confidence, and increasing sales revenues.

Coaching ER

Coaching ER gives you individual deal strategy support when you need it. Our clients contact us in an emergency for critical insights to help them close a deal.